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Short stories and folktales of Kashmir.

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Kashmiri Pandits: The Invisible Refugees
In the 1989-1991 time period, nearly 400,000 Kashmiri Pandits were expelled from their native Kashmir valley after a combination of violence and explicit threats by Islamic terrorists aided and inspired by Pakistan. 

Massacre at Wandhama

Genocide of Kashmiri Pandits
350,000 Kashmiri Pandits, constituting 99% of the total population of Hindus living in Muslim majority area of the Kashmir Valley, were forcibly pushed out of the Valley by Muslim terrorists, trained in Pakistan, since the end of 1989. 

The Desolation of Cleansed Neighborhoods

Ethnic Cleansing Glimpses
This pictorial series provides a visual window into the destroyed, barren houses and neighborhoods belonging to Kashmiri Hindus in Kashmir valley.

Destruction of Cultural Symbols and Shrines of Kashmir

Destruction of Cultural Symbols and Shrines of Kashmir
Desecration, damage and destruction of temples is not new and unusual phenomena. The process has been continuously going on ever since Kashmir passed into political domination of Muslim rulers in the first quarter of fourteenth century.

Massacre at Sangrampora

Massacre at Sangrampora - March 1997
A Massacre of 7 Kashmiri Pandits