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Ghulam Ahmed Sofi


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Ghulam Ahmad Sofi, popularly known as “Amma Sofi” was a renowned folk singer of Kashmir. Before his death on September 14, 2005 at age 68, he had dominated Kashmiri music for over four decades. He remained associated with the Information Department of Jammu and Kashmir Government for more than three decades and was an established name in the field of art and culture.

Sofi performed at national and international levels and received applause from the President and former Prime Ministers. He has been known for the presentation of “Shash Rang”, one of the most popular poems of Sufi poet, Abdul Rehman Dar. He had also been given the title of “Ustaad” by the State Academy of Art, Culture and Languages. He became popular in the 1960s with his rendition of Kashmiri folk “Chakri” from the Radio Kashmir, Srinagar.

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Ghulam Ahmed Sofi
Ghulam Ahmad Sofi -
a reputed Sofiyana musician


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