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Painstakingly spun over the years, these stories, including folk-tales and historical tales, are bound to exercise a charm over people of all ages, even as the beautiful locale of Kashmir does. Bringing an assorted collection together in this Prestigious volume, Prof. Somnath Dhar calls it his magnum opus-the learned author shares very interesting vignettes of the Valley, including the chequered annals, with the reader.

The historical tales, starting with an apt reverle on the Jhelum, the historic, serpentine river, recall telling episodes of ancient history, culled from Kalhana's Rajatarangini. Then follow tales dealing with Mughal and other rulers, right down to Dogra Maharajas. The last tale recounts the exploits of Mujahid Sherwani, the martyr of `New Kashmir,. The story of "Robin Hood of Kashmir", had appeared in 108 countries, as one of "The World's Strangest Stories', syndicated by a London daily, in 1957-58.


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