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Arti Tiku Kaul born and brought up in Srinagar started her singing career at the age of 6 as a radio entertainer and soon became a popular TV entertainer as well. Arti received her MA in Classical Music from Punjab and Allahabad Universities. She has taught music in College of Music and Fine Arts at University of Kashmir. Arti has made few Kashmiri audiotapes which have become quite popular with Kashmiri community.

Arti has been encouraged all through her musical career by her family, especially by her sister Shana Mattoo, who has been force behind her. Arti has been trained and groomed as a accomplished singer by her Guru Shri T. K. Jalali.

Arti has performed in major Indian cities and has represented the Government of India in West Indies, Venezuela, and North America in cultural and social exchange programs. In 1993, Arti moved to USA and taught music in Boston area. Since last 2 years Arti and her family are based in Calcutta where her husband is looking after the business ventures of a major US company.

 Arti (Tiku) Kaul performing in U.S.
Arti (Tiku) Kaul performing in U.S.

Dil choore ney hai dil nyon shyaman
Behamdillah vichum deedar
Myon wantasay baalia
Hatai waeys chhar naye log aeshknaaras   (with Shameema Dev)
Latan hund maz (Lal vakh)
Daeed chyan yaaro paan maaray

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