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A Collection of Kashmiri Music, Bhajans and Prayers for Kashmiri Pandit Festivals


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Mohanlal Aima
Bhajan Sopori
Raj Begum
Ghulam H. Sofi
Asha Kaul
Naseem Akhtar
Habba Khatoon

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An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri


Music by Mohan Lal Aima

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Subuh Az Maan
Soofiana (vocal) sung by Tibetbaqal and party. Now fast dying out this is a typical example of Kashmir's classical vocal music, popularly known as Soofiana. There is a marked influence of Persian music.
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Santoor Recital
Soofiana (Instrumental) played by Ghulam Muhammad. Dying out in the manner of classical vocal music. This is a typical example of Kashmir's classical instrumental music played on an instrument with a hundred strings.
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Dil Nith
Ladies Chorus led by Raj Begum. Traditional folk song written by Habba Khatun about four hundred years ago.
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Chhakri Ensemble - I
Played by traditional musicians. Traditional folk music still very popular with menfolk. One of the instruments used to keep time is an earthen pitcher.
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Az Roz Sane
Ladies Chorus, sung by Naseem Akhtar, Raj Begum and party. Ladies' Chorus written by Mahjoor and sung with dancing steps in celebration of various festivals.
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Rozu Rozu Boz
Love song sung by Ghulam Hassan Sofi. Love song written by Kashmir's  acknowledged national Poet Mahjoor.
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Santoor Recital
Raag Kirwani, played by Bhajanlal. A somewhat modern variation played on the traditional instrument.
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Nund Bani
Chhakri - male chorus sung by Mohanlal Aima and party. Male chorus written by Mahjoor and generally sung in celebration after harvesting and during the festival in spring.
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Chhakri Ensemble -Variation II
Played by traditional musicians. Like all other music even the popular folk music has undergone a marked change in recent times. This is a typical example of modern variation.
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Me Kar Chekit
Love song, sung by Asha Kaul. A traditional love song sung in modern variation.
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Grees Koor
Song in praise of a village maiden sung by Ghulam Hassan Sofi. An outstanding composition of Mahjoor in praise of a Kashmiri village maiden.
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Joy of Seasons
Sung by Asha Kaul, Raj Begum,
Ghulam Hassan Sofi and party.
A selection from songs composed by Mahjoor in praise of the various seasons.
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Courtesy: Smt. Shakuntala Aima and (Late) Sh. O.N. Aima


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