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Lalla-Ded Educational and Welfare Trust

Foreword to the First Edition
Preface to the First Edition
A Note from Authors for the revised Edition
Symbols and Abbreviations
Section 1 ~ Introduction to Nagari-Kashmiri Alphabet
- Vowels and Symbols in Nagari-Kashmiri
- Combination of Anusvara with Vowels and Symbols
- Consonants in Nagari-Kashmiri
- Consonants f.mp3ing Conjuncts with Vowels  and 
- Using Ardhachandra  
- Using  and Ardhachandra 
- Using Symbols  and 
- Using Symbols  and 
- Using  and 
- Difference in Pronunciation of words using Vowels &
- Difference in Pronunciation of words using Vowels &
Section 2 ~ Words and Sentences
- Identifying Vowels & Symbols-I
- Identifying Vowels & Symbols-II
- Identifying Vowels & Symbols-III
- Identifying Vowels & Symbols-IV
- Identifying Vowels & Symbols Assorted

- Simple Sentences
- Practice in Reading-I
- Practice in Reading-II
- Practice in Reading-III
- Practice in Reading-IV
Section 3 ~ Translation Vocabulary
- Some words of daily use
- Numbers 1 to 50
- Parts of Body
- Animals~Birds~Reptiles/Insects
- Professions
- Relations
- Fruits ~ Vegetables
- Time ~ Yugas
- Days of Week~Months~Seasons
- Miscellaneous Vocabulary
- Model Passage-1~A Conversation
- Model Passage-2~My Motherland
Basic Reader for Kashmiri Language
M. K. Raina & Neelam Trakru

Preface to the First Edition

For quite some time now, Kashmiri Pandits' Association, Mumbai and Lalla-Ded Educational and Welfare Trust have been working on Project ZAAN - a project to acquaint our community members, particularly youngsters with various facets of their motherland 'Maej Kasheer'. Two Volumes of Information Digest, have so far been issued under the Project. The accent therein has, besides dissemination of  knowledge (ZAAN), been on arousing interest in our mother tongue - Kashmiri, which is fast lapsing into disuse from amongst our families.

The present 'Basic Reader for Kashmiri Language' is the third Volume in the series under Project ZAAN. The intent of compilation of this Reader is to place before the readers, an easy-to-comprehend Primary Book in Devanagari script, for reading Kashmiri. Kashmiri dialect has micro articular variations, which have been amply illustrated and distinguished by means of special set of vowel & consonantal symbols and graphic lessons in syntax of the language.

In the present day diaspora of our community, when we have lost our moorings, when we are facing cultural erosion, language seems to be a lone factor for preservation of our identity. The 'Reader', therefore appears to be a timely endeavour to revive interest of our youngsters in their mother tongue.

The effort of the authors, Shri M. K. Raina and Smt Neelam Trakru is laudable. Shri Raina is a serious student of  Kashmiri syntax for more than two decades. The duo has, after consulting many a authentic source books, compiled this compendium, which we accept, may not be infallible in itself. Readers may find some words alien to Kashmiri used at few places.  These words have been incorporated specifically for purpose of illustration in the absence of Kashmiri words / idioms. We would welcome suggestions from the language-knowing seniors in the community, to overcome shortcomings in our future editions and other publications.

Authorís note on the Devanagari-Kashmiri Script, is specially meant for elders and they are requested to go through it very carefully. This will make it easy for them to help their youngsters to know the script and the phonetics.

M. L. Mattoo
Lalla-Ded Educational and Welfare Trust
Navreh, 13th Chaitra, 2058
(26th March, 2001)

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