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A Collection of Kashmiri Music, Bhajans and Prayers for Kashmiri Pandit Festivals


Dalip Langoo
Lovely Raina
Usha Handoo
CM Zutshi
Archana Jalali

KRSHNAGAMAN, is an ensemble of Music and Dance numbers based on KRSHN LEELA. The arrival of Krshn at different stages at various places mentioned in the scriptures shows how great each and every moment was when 'Krshn' played his role. As a baby, a youth, a warrier, diplomat, ambassador, an emperor, lover, teacher, preacher, above all Parameshaver swaroop Krshn's arrival confirms him as the greatest man ever born on earth. In Kashmir in B.C. 3100 he arrived at a crucial time when the king Damoder was no more and Krshn the person from Braj Gaon resolved the political dispute of Kashmir by enthroning Maharani Yashowati the wife of the slain king Damoder to the throne of Kashmir. Yashawati is the world's first woman ruler, and again the credit goes to lord Krshn.

The aim behind this is to create awareness to acquire perfection in life, which will lead all of us to pave way for harmonious life. KRISHNA's different aspects of life is being highlighted to inspire masses to rise above darkness and work with firm devotion and integrity for universal cause of mankind, i.e. 'Vasudaiv Kutumbakam'. The whole world is one family - LORD KRISHNA. Krshn, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the prominent Hindu deity has a significant place amongst Hindus all around the world. Let us all destroy the demon KANSA within and explore the brightest side of us and share the same with each other.

Source: Miltsar de India


  Song Voice Lyrics mp3
Krshnagaman Lovely Raina, Dalip Langoo Dalip Langoo Download this Clip
Lalla Lalla Aagaman Tera Kaisa Manaon Deepali Watal, Lovely Raina Dalip Langoo Download this Clip
Chote Chote Haath I love you Krshna Dalip Langoo, Lovely Raina & Master Divyansh Dalip Langoo & from Bhagrat & Soorsagar Download this Clip
Lahar Lahar Jamuna Jal Hichkole Bhar Archana Jalali, Dalip Langoo & Chorus Dalip Langoo Download this Clip
Jasumati Man Abhilashi Kare Dalip Langoo Soordass Download this Clip
Aake Mhane Lage Vrindawan Neepo Usha Handoo Meerabai Download this Clip
Akhiyan Hari Darshan Ki Bhookhi Lovely Raina Soordass Download this Clip
Sabse Oonchi Prem Sagai Dalip Langoo, Lovely Raina Soordass Download this Clip
Krshnagaman Sooraj Singh, Chander Mohan Zutshi & Chorus Dalip Langoo Download this Clip

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