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- Preface
- Contributors
- Kashmiri and the Linguistic Predicament
- Roots, Evolution and Affinity
- The Sharada Script
- The Dogri Language
- Gujari Language
- Sanskritic Impact
- The Balti Language
- Balti, Bodhi, Spiti & Lahuli Speeches
- Urdu in Jammu and Kashmir
- Hindi in Kashmir
- Language and Politics
- Appendix A
- Appendix B
- Appendix C
- Appendix D
- Select Bibliography
Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh - Linguistic Predicament

Edited by: P. N. Pushp and K. Warikoo
Himalayan Research and Cultural Foundation
Har-Anand Publications

  • Prof. P.N. Pushp is the former Director, Research, Libraries and Museums, J&K Government, Srinagar.
  • Dr. S.S. Toshkhani, who was awarded Ph.D. for his work Linguistic Peculiarities of Banasur Katha (1446 AD), is the author of (i) Lalleshwari (Hoshiarpur, 1962), (ii) Kashmiri Sahitya ka Itihas (J&K Cultural Academy, 1989) (in Hindi). He has been member of Kashmir Information Service (1959-85).
  • Prof. B.K. Kaul Deambi, formerly Director, Centre of Central Asian Studies, University of Kashmir, is the author of (i) Corpus of the Sharada Inscriptions of Kashmir (Delhi, 1982), (ii) History and Culture of Ancient Gandhara and Western Himalayas (New Delhi, 1985).
  • Prof. Ved Kumari Ghai, is Professor of Sanskrit, Department of Sanskrit, University of Jammu. She is the author of (i) Nilamata Purana. 2 Vols. (J&K Cultural Academy) and (ii) Kashmir ka Sanskrit Sahitya ko yogdan (in Hindi), Q&K Cultural Academy, 1987).
  • Dr. R.P. Khatana, who teaches at Government College, Gurgaon, is the author of (i) The Gujars, Gujari Language and Literature of Jammu and Kashmir (Gurgaon, 1974) (in Urdu) and (ii) Tribal Migration in Himalayan Frontiers (Gurgaon, 1992).
  • Mrs. Malavika Bandyopadhyaya has been associated with the Department of Indo-Tibetan Studies, Vishwa Bharati University.
  • Syed Mohammad Abbas Kazmi, an authority on the Cultural Heritage of Baltistan, is President, Baltistan Research Centre (Pakistan).
  • Prof. S.K. Pathak, formerly Professor, Department of Indo-Tibetan Studies, Vishwa Bharati University, Santiniketan, is now associated with the Asiatic Society, Calcutta.
  • Nishat Ansari, Member of J&K Education Service, is a well-known literateur of Kashmir.
  • Prof. R.K. Sharma, formerly Head, Department of Hindi, University of Kashmir, Srinagar, has been President, Council of Hindi Teachers of Indian Universities.
  • Dr. K. Warikoo is Associate Professor, Central Asian Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, and Secretary General of the Himalayan Research and Cultural Foundation.
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