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Prof. Braj B. Kachru
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An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri



Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Getting Acquainted
Getting Acquainted

Lesson Notes Grammar Vocabulary Drills Exercises


This lesson introduces repetitive, socially det.mp3ined items used for interaction with f.mp3al acquaintances. A selected set of honorific items is introduced with such other honorific exponents such as the plural f.mp3s of pronouns and verbs. All the participants are Hindus. Therefore, one finds the use of echo-greetings, such as namaska:r. Note the following recurring greeting-denoting collocations:

Prabha:  Greetings, Sheelaji. How are you?

Sheela:  Greetings, I am fine. How are you?

In Kashmiri society, if two persons are engaged in conversation and a third one appears who is known only to one of them, he is not necessarily f.mp3ally introduced to the other person. He just watches, listens, or smiles uncomfortably. However, this is slowly changing. Therefore, we have introduced the following:

Prabha:  I am fine. Do you know each other? She is my friend.

Sheela:  Greetings. What is your name?
A conversation between , and 

Prabha:  Greetings, Sheelaji. How are you?

Sheela:  Greetings. I am fine. How are you?

Prabha:  I am fine. Do you know each other? She is my friend.

Sheela:  Greetings. What is your name?

Dulari:  Greetings. My name is Dulari.

Sheela:  Where do you live?

Dulari:  We live in Delhi.

Sheela:  When did you come to Kashmir?

Dulari:  We came yesterday.

Sheela:  How long will you stay in Kashmir?

Dulari:  We shall stay for a m onth or two.

Sheela:  Our home is nearby. Come, let us have (some) tea.

Prabha:  No, not today. Some other time.

Sheela:  Dulariji, you should come too.

Dulari:  Yes, I will certainly come with Prabhaji.

Sheela:  All right. Goodbye.

Dulari and Sheela:  Goodbye.


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