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An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri


Chapter 31 Chapter 31: Visiting the Shankracharya temple
Visiting the Shankracharya temple
Visiting the Shankracharya temple
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Contextual Focus
This concerns a conversation on visiting   (the Shankracharya Temple), situated on the top of a mountain to the south of Dal Lake. It is also called Takht-i-Sulaiman 'Solomon's Throne'.

Grammatical Focus
Note the use of   (see Notes), and  'one by one'. The following verbs appear:   'to look someone up' and   'to be able to see'.

Lexical Focus
Note the following lexical set:

Ashok: Greetings, Mohan. How are you?

Mohan: (Yes) All right. What's new?

Ashok: I am thinking of visiting  before leaving for Delhi.

Mohan: Yes, you should visit . It is not very far. It is only two or three miles from Amirakadal.

Ashok: Yes, one can see it from here. Is the climb up the mountain (of ) difficult?

Mohan: Oh, no. There is a nice path inthe front for going up to . When you come near the top, you will find many steps.

Ashok: Can a car go up to the top?

Mohan: Yes, there is a road for cars and jeeps. There is a television station on top of .

Ashok: What else is there on top of ?

Mohan: There is a temple at the top of . In the temple there is an idol of Lord Shiva. People go up there daily to offer their prayers.

Ashok: Do the people offer prayers one-by-one?

Mohan: No, in the morning people offer prayers jointly in the f.mp3 of an a:rti:.

Ashok: How high is it ()?

Mohan: It is about one thousand feet high.

Ashok: I suppose one must get a beautiful view from the top of .

Mohan: Yes, one can see the whole of Srinagar from . You could also see Dal Lake and Hari Parbat.

Ashok: All right, then I shall climb  tomorrow.

Mohan: Yes, certainly you should climb it.

Ashok: (Please) allow me to leave now. Goodbye.

Mohan: Goodbye. Look me up before leaving for Delhi. 

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