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Prof. Braj B. Kachru
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Chapter 25 Chapter 25: Going to Gulmarg
Going to Gulmarg
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This concerns a conversation on visiting Gulmarg, the available modes of transportation, and sights in and around Gulmarg. It is a favorite place with the tourists, and has the only skiing facilities in Kashmir.

Ashok: Greetings, Mohanji.

Mohan: How are you?

Ashok: Yes, all right.

Mohan: How is your sightseeing in Kashmir going?

Ashok: It will take some more time.

Mohan: Where are you going next?

Ashok: I am thinking of going to Gulmarg for two or three days.

Mohan: Yes, why don't you go. Gulmarg is a very nice place. Do you know how one goes there?

Ashok: That is what I have to ask (you). How does one go there?

Mohan: It is very easy to go to Gulmarg. From Srinagar you take a bus up to Tangmarg.

Ashok: What arrangements are there from Tangmarg?

Mohan: From Tangmarg it is three miles to Gulmarg. From there, you can make arrangements for a horse, or you can cover those three miles on foot.

Ashok: What is there at Gulmarg?

Mohan: Gulmarg is avery attractive spot up in the mountains.

Ashok: Are there trees and flowers at Gulmarg?

Mohan: Yes, Gulmarg is full of deodar trees.

Ashok: Is there some arrangement for tourists to stay there?

Mohan: Yes, there are many hotels and tourist huts there. There is also a dak bungalow there.

Ashok: I expect to stay there for two or three days.

Mohan: While there, you will be able to play golf and also go to Khilanmarg.

Ashok: How far is Khilanmarg from Gulmarg?

Mohan: It should be three or four miles (from Gulmarg). You should go (there) on horseback.

Ashok: All right. I will definitely go to Gulmarg. Goodbye.

Mohan: Goodbye.

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