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Prof. Braj B. Kachru
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Chapter 37 Chapter 37: Gulmarg



Gulmarg is about twenty-eight miles from Srinagar. It is located to the north of the Pir Panchal mountain range. In Persian 'gul' means 'flower' and '' means 'meadow'. Gulmarg is covered with flowers and greenery, that is why it has been named "Gulmarg".


It is situated at a height of eight thousand feet above the sea. It is not difficult to go to Gulmarg. One can reach it by bus, car, or jeep. Three miles before Gulmarg there is Tangmarg. Many people walk these three miles or go on horseback. While climbing from Tangmarg, Gulmarg looks like a flower garden at the foot of the mountain. The mountain remains snowclad for about seven months. (In order to reach Gulmarg) most people ride the horses for fun. On either side of the road from Tangmarg to Gulmarg, there are trees and flowers.

Many tourists camp in tents at Gulmarg. In sunmer Gulmarg is crowded with tourists. From June until September tourists from all sorts of places visit Gulmarg. Whosoever comes to Kashmir invariably visits Gulmarg.

The climate of Gulmarg is very good. Even in the summer the nights are pleasantly cool. One has to carry w.mp3 clothing along.

People play various sports at Gulmarg. But most go to play golf and polo.  Many tourists go to Gulmarg for horseback riding or hiking. In winter when all the fields are covered with snow, people go there for skiing and to enjoy other winter sports.

There are provisions for everything at Gulmarg. There are many hotels and tea stalls there. The government has even built a guest house. There is also a well-known club there. 

In Gulmarg, the scent of deodar trees comes to you from all around. This is a very nice place for sports and relaxation. From Gulmarg people also go to Khilanmarg,which is only four miles away.

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