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Prof. Braj B. Kachru
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An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri


Chapter 22 Chapter 22: A Kashmiri fire-pot
A Kashmiri fire-pot
A Kashmiri fire-pot
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This covers a conversation with a duka:nda:r  (shopkeeper) about the , the traditional Kashmiri fire-pot. There is also a brief discussion on various types of fire-pots, namely, common  (a bride's fire-pot), and  (children's fire-pot).

Ashok: What is this?

Shopkeeper: It is called a .

Ashok: Say that again (please).


Ashok: What is it used for?

Shopkeeper: One puts live charcoal in the . In cold weather we use it to keep our bodies w.mp3.

Ashok: Really? Does one w.mp3 one's body with the .

Shopkeeper: Yes, sir.

Ashok: How does one do that?

Shopkeeper: The  is put inside the phiran or in a blanket.

Ashok: The  must cause burns.

Shopkeeper: Yes, sometimes the  does cause burns.

Ashok: Is there only one type of ?

Shopkeeper: No, sir, there are many types of fire-pots.

Ashok: (Please) show me two or three other types.
Kashmiri bride's fire-pot
Kashmiri bride's fire-pot
Children's fire-pot
Children's fire-pot

Shopkeeper: Look at this one. It is for brides.

Ashok: (Yes) This  is very pretty.

Shopkeeper: Yes, sir, a lot of work has been done on this.

Ashok: How much does it cost?

Shopkeeper: It costs fifteen rupees.

Ashok: (Yes) The price is reasonable.

Shopkeeper: There are many other types, too. This one is for children.

Ashok: How is the  made?

Shopkeeper: It is made of wicker. After it is made, color and other decorations are put on it.

Ashok: What is inside?

Shopkeeper: Inside, there is earthen, bowl-like pot in which live charcoal is kept. Under the (live) coal, there is charcoal.

Ashok: It is a very good way of keeping oneself w.mp3.

Shopkeeper: Yes, that is why Kashmiris like the  very much.

Ashok: All right, give me this . How much does it cost?

Shopkeeper: Ten rupees.

Ashok: Here is the money.


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