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Prof. Braj B. Kachru
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Chapter 23 Chapter 23: Going to Dal Lake
Going to Dal Lake
Going to Dal Lake
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A conversation with a na:vivo:l (a boatman) about sight-seeing on and around Dal Lake. Brief references are made to the gardens on the banks of Dal Lake such as Nishat, Shalimar, Chashma Shahi.

Ashok: Hello there, boatman!

Boatman: Yes, sir.

Ashok: How far is Dal Lake from here?

Boatman: This is Habba Kadal. Amira Kadal is one mile from here. It will take an hour from Amira Kadal (Note: Kadal means a bridge).

Ashok: We do not have much time. How long will it take to see Dal Lake?

Boatman: If we hurry, it will take us thre to four hours.

Ashok: Can we return before it gets dark?

Boatman: Yes, certainly.

Ashok: All right, what are the things worth seeing at Dal Lake?

Boatman: Dal Lake is very big. On the banks of Dal Lake there are three famous gardens.

Ashok: What is on Dal Lake?

Boatman: In Dal Lake, there are two islets: Golden Island and Silver Island.

Ashok: What are the names of the gardens?

Boatman: The three famous gardens are Nishat, Shalimar, and Chashman Shahi.

Ashok: What is in the gardens?

Boatman: In the gardens there are flower beds, fountains, and beautiful balconies.

Ashok: Are there flowers in Dal Lake?

Boatman: Yes, there are lotuses and vegetables in Dal Lake. There are aso many houseboats on Dal Lake.

Ashok: Can we get something to eat there?

Boatman: Yes, there are many hotels there. One can also get a Sama:va:r and Kashmiri cups (Sama:va:r and Kashmiri Cups) there.

Sama:va:r and Kashmiri cups
Sama:va:r and Kashmiri cups

Ashok: All right, let us go then.

Boatman: (Please) come into the boat.

Ashok: How much do I have to pay?

Boatman: Only fifteen rupees.

Ashok: All right, let's go.


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